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Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection

Ford hazard care

Keep Your Tires And Wheels Protected

Your tires provide the layer of support between you and the road. Keeping them intact is crucial to you and your family’s safety, yet due to potholes, debris, and other hazardous road conditions, they are the most damage-prone components. Have you heard of our Ford hazard care warranty? Ford Protect TireCARE covers your tires and wheels from everyday road hazards. Ford Protect TireCARE is a smart investment that protects your tires and wheels from the everyday road wear and tear. This Ford hazard care is available at Key Scales Ford, so ask our friendly staff about this premier protection today.

Our Ford hazard care covers all costs associated with repairs or replacements of tires or wheels due to a road risk, such as:

    • Metal or nails in the road
    • Blowouts, potholes, damaged pavement
    • Glass, debris, etc.

Peace of Mind Coverage

If a flat tire occurs due to a road hazard, you can have peace of mind because Ford hazard care will cover the tire repair or replacement. During the duration of your contract, Ford Protect TireCARE also replaces wheels damaged by road hazards, other than minor cosmetic damage. Labor costs, valve stems, balancing fees, taxes, and mounting and disposal expenses are all covered with our outstanding Ford hazard care, and you will never be stranded with Ford Protect TireCARE because this protection provides towing to our Key Scales Ford service center or the nearest Ford or Lincoln dealership or tire repair facility, with up to $100 in reimbursement. This worry-free coverage has no limits on claim benefits and is available during your purchase on eligible new and used vehicles. Owners will be reimbursed for 100% of the new tire cost, even those with run-flat technology. If the tire has more than 3/32" of tread depth remaining and is non-repairable, you will be reimbursed for its replacement with a new tire of similar kind, quality and cost. There are no mileage limitations, no limit on occurrences, and up to seven years of coverage. 

Ford hazard care warranty

Your Ford Hazard Care

We invite you to meet our finance specialists and discuss adding the Ford hazard care package to your next vehicle purchase. With ever-increasing roadways, there are more risks that could affect your travels and it is always better to be covered. Contact us to inquire about a downloadable Ford hazard care brochure, or visit our dealership today.

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