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Lease Your New Ford With Us!

Ford leasing

When car shopping around our diverse inventory, it’s great to know that you have the option to lease a brand-new Ford. You may find that by choosing to lease your new Ford, you can enjoy the latest and greatest amenities of driving a new vehicle at a price that fits your budget. Here at your local Ford dealership, our sales and finance teams are prepared to explain to you the benefits and drawbacks of leasing versus financing, and we encourage you not to let financial stress prevent you from getting behind the wheel of the Ford model that you desire. Our affable sales team shares a close bond with various credible lending institutions, so whether you buy or lease your Ford, we can always provide you with the financial support that you need. Leasing a new Ford has a ton of awesome advantages, so visit your Florida Ford dealer and talk to our team to figure out if leasing is the best route for you. 

Each Ford lease agreement is flexible when it comes to mileage and term length. Drivers have the opportunity to choose between a 24-month lease term, a 36-month lease term, or a 64-month lease term. For each of these cases, the mileage per year and payment amount varies and may not even require a down payment. You should consider how often you drive per week and how much wear and tear you typically add to your vehicles.

Ford leasing

By agreeing to a Ford lease, you are completely covered over warranty, though at the same time it is crucial to keep your vehicle in excellent working condition and follow the wear and tear guidelines. Routine maintenance visits may even be covered in your lease, which is a mega advantage! Be sure to discuss these terms and your unique fiscal situation with our knowledgeable team so that we can be sure to find you the best Ford lease that meets your individual needs.

You can ask our staff about the Ford Red Carpet Leasing Option, which entitles Ford Motor lessees to only cover part of the value. Essentially, this will result in a lower monthly Ford lease payment than if you choose to buy or lease from another company. We can assure you that the lease-end process is as quick and easy as it reads. Either buy the vehicle that you are currently leasing at a preset price, buy or lease a new Ford model, or simply turn in the keys to us and satisfy any lease-end obligations. Ultimately, it’s up to you! Leasing or buying your new Ford is based on your personal needs and preferences. To learn more about our current lease offers and discuss which Ford models you want to lease or finance, visit your local Florida Ford dealer today. 

Ford leasing

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