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Ford SYNC® 3 Technology


Thanks to incredible advancements in technology, today’s drivers can stay connected to every one of their smart devices even while they are driving down the road. Ford understands how crucial our devices are to our daily lives, which is why it offers the available SYNC® Connect technology as an innovative, effective, and comprehensive system that can be installed into your Ford car, truck, or SUV. The most modern version of this technology is the incredible Ford SYNC® 3, which uses a wide range of outstanding features to improve the quality of your travels. The team at your Ford dealership absolutely loves the Ford SYNC® 3 system because of the way it elevates your interactions with your Ford model. Check out several highlights that your Florida Ford dealer wants you to know about the innovative Ford SYNC® 3, and see why it will make your driving life so much more convenient.


What The Ford SYNC® 3 System Offers

Though almost all Ford models utilize a version of the Ford SYNC® technology ( Bluetooth® component, radio access, etc.) in their infotainment system, only certain Ford models can be equipped with the available SYNC® 3. In order to enjoy the Ford SYNC® 3 system, you will first need to couple it to a Bluetooth®-enabled phone or another smart device. You can go through the setup process from the touchscreen located front and center in the cabin of your Ford model. After everything has been connected, you can make phone calls, receive text messages, choose and play any audio or music that you want, and a lot more.

The Ford SYNC® 3 system eliminates the need to reach around for your phone to change your music or fiddle around with troublesome radio dials. The staff at your Florida Ford dealer is happy to say that the touchscreen of the Ford SYNC® 3 system works with both physical and audio commands. All you have to do is clearly state your question or command without needing to pull your eyes away from the road or remove your hands from your steering wheel. This system can also be equipped with a handy navigation feature so that you can explore any destination you want with precise step-by-step guidance. With the amazing Ford SYNC® 3 system, you can relax and stream your favorite tunes or other apps as you continue to enjoy your journey.

Ford SYNCAt Key Scales Ford, we think that you will love the comprehensive and efficient Ford SYNC® 3 system. We invite you to stop by your Ford dealership to look over the different models that we have in our inventory, talk to our expert team about Ford SYNC® 3, and discover how you can use it in a Ford model to change your driving life today!


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