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Shelby Suggests: Tips For Driving With Your Dog

Posted at Tue, Jan 21, 2020 3:45 PM

As much as we love our pets and always want them with us, there are many advantages to buckling up. Your “Chief Barketing Officer” wants to inform you of a few essential ways to keep your pup safe on the roads, for their own welfare and yours, as well. Here at your local Florida Ford dealer, we love to see pet owners bring their pups along for the ride. It makes us fill to the brim with joy. Our CBO Shelby suggests all dogs — no matter large or small — should always be secured strapped in just as your children would be during your travels. Whether your pup is well mannered in the car or not, even well-trained dogs can become overwhelmed by simulations and excitement associated with a moving automobile. The professionals at your local Ford dealership want to make sure you and your pup are safe and sound en route to your destination, so our CBO Shelby has jotted down a few tips for ultimate safety.

Buckle Up In The Back Seat

Though riding on your lap may seem cute and cuddly, it is quite dangerous for you and your beloved animal. Even strapping your pup into the front seat may lead to distractions that could cause a fender bender, and we wouldn’t want the airbag to deploy and injure your pup. Be sure to travel with caution and ensure your dog is buckled up in the back seat.

Keep Your Pet Contained

Our CBO Shelby recommends that small dogs remain shielded inside their pet carrier. By containing small dogs in a secured carrier, they are less likely to interfere with overall safety, like sneaking under your brakes or gas pedals. Unsecured dogs could even — during a worst-case scenario — fly through the windshield, or disrupt rescue workers’ efforts in the case of an emergency.

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Buy A Pet Barrier

If your car doesn’t accommodate a sizable crate to contain your large dog, Shelby suggests you install a pet barrier. Although not as safe as crates or seatbelts, pet barriers are designed mostly for SUV models, station wagons, and minivans, and helps to separate the front seats from the back seats. Add a cozy travel bed to your Ford and enhance your pup’s experience.

All Heads Inside

Shelby has done it, we have done it, and we agree, it feels great. Leaning your head out of the window and experiencing the gentle breeze sure is refreshing. That rush of fresh air, however, could lead to obstructions in your doggy’s eyes. Also, if the window opens too much, your canine may have the urge to hop out and risk injury. Play it safe and keep the pooches nestled inside your Ford.

These tools can maximize safety while driving your Ford model with peace of mind to and from your destination. Not all dogs enjoy car outings, so be sure to be mindful of your dog's stress levels. Your local Ford dealership also suggests only driving short distances, with plenty of stops in between, so that you can get out and walk your dog and reinforce polite behavior. You can gradually increase the length of your ride, depending on how your dog is adjusting. If you are shopping for a new car, truck, crossover, or SUV model, our inventory offers plenty of dog-friendly options. Your friends at Key Scales Ford are glad you want to bring your dog along for your adventures, and we hope these tips from Shelby, our “Chief Barketing Officer '', help you journey wisely so that you and your dog travel with the utmost peace of mind at all times.

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