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Diesel/Super Duty
Powerstorke Diesel and Super Duty Authorized Service
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Maintenance Intervals —
Timing Is Everything.
Your maintenance frequency depends on whether you ask your Power Stroke® Diesel to perform under Normal or Special operating conditions. "Normal Operating Conditions" applies to most personal use vehicles, while "Special Operating Conditions" include: extensive towing, extended low-speed driving, the use of biodiesel fuel, and off-road or dusty conditions.

"Special Operating Conditions" applies to many commercial use applications, including:

  • Frequent or extended idling (over 10 minutes per hour of normal driving)
  • Frequent low-speed operation
  • Sustained heavy traffic less then 25 MPH or 40 KMH. (One hour of idle time, is equal to approximately 25 miles or 40 km of driving.)
  • Sustained vehicle operation in ambient temperatures below -10?F (-23?C) or above 100?F (38?C)
  • Operating in severe dust or off-road conditions
  • Towing a trailer over 1,000 miles (1,600 km)
  • Sustained, high-speed driving at Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (maximum loaded weight for vehicle operation)
  • Use of any Biodiesel (B5 is the maximum allowable blend for Power Stroke® Diesels, except the all-new 6.7L)
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